TWICE’s Jihyo says it’s “very funny” fans refer to her as “mother”

South Korean singer Jihyo, of K-pop girl group TWICE, has opened up about being called “mother” by her fans.

According to The New York Times, “mother” is a term that stems from the “Black and Latino LGBTQ ballroom scene”, with its current use bring used as “a term of endearment for famous women with avid devotees”.

In a new interview with Teen Vogue, Jihyo is informed by the publication that she’s often referred to as “mother” by fans and casual K-pop listeners alike. “I honestly didn’t know that,” she said. “I’m only finding out the meaning of it now.”


After the meaning of “mother” was explained to the K-pop idol, she told Teen Vogue that she recalled seeing fans referring to her as such in comments on TikTok and YouTube videos.

“As you mentioned and explained it to me, I think it’s very funny,” Jihyo said. “It’s funny that fans call me that and also think about me as that kind of figure.”

The TWICE member then explains that she “really enjoy[s] the work that I do being on stage and communicating with fans”, saying that she chose to pursue a music career because of its “power”.

“If people can also agree to that, then I think I’m doing a great job and I’m proving that I’m passionate about the work that I’m doing,” Jihyo added.

Last month, Jihyo made her solo debut with the mini-album ‘ZONE’, led by the single ‘Killin’ Me Good’. The project made her the second member of TWICE to go solo, following Nayeon with ‘POP!’ in June 2022.

Meanwhile, the K-pop idol recently opened up about being told she “can’t sing that well” early in her career and how that has shaped her journey as a K-pop idol.