TXT’s Soobin says he became a K-pop idol because he “wanted to meet KARA”

South Korean singer Soobin of K-pop boyband Tomorrow X Together (TXT) has opened up about why he became a K-pop idol.

Soobin revealed the fact in a new YouTube video uploaded onto TXT’s official channel, where the quintet spoke about their journeys as K-pop idols and their hopes for the future.

“To be completely honest, I first started dreaming of becoming a singer just because I wanted to meet KARA,” Soobin said in the video. Unfortunately for the singer, TXT debuted in 2019, three years after KARA disbanded in 2016.


However, the iconic K-pop girl group would later reunite in 2022 and release the album ‘Move Again’. “Fortunately, the timing worked out perfect, so I got to debut and achieve that dream. I got to meet them in person,” Soobin recalled.

The singer also said that he has “achieved things that are way bigger than I expected, so I think I’m at a place way higher and more ideal than what I was dreaming of as a trainee”.

Soobin ended the moment by saying that he “[doesn’t] really have big dreams”, but instead he “always want[s] to do better”.

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Earlier this month, Soobin also spoke about how TXT “went through a rough patch” at some point 2022 in an interview with Weverse Magazine. It come shortly after the release of the boyband’s new album, ‘The Name Chapter: Freefall’.

Meanwhile, member Yeonjun previously opened up about the currently K-pop landscape, saying that he believes “boy groups are less favoured by the public” as compared to girl groups.


In other K-pop news, former SF9 member Rowoon has opened up about this departure from the boyband for the first time, saying that it was “not an easy decision” to make. The singer-turned-actor had been a member of the group for seven years, from 2016 to September 2023.