Ultimate Music Guide Definitive Edition: Queen

“It’s a huge honour!”

That’s what Queen’s Brian May says about our latest issue in his special new introduction to the magazine – and who are we to argue with a man with all those qualifications?

It’s a very special Ultimate Music Guide that we’ve got for you in a couple of weeks’ time. As the surviving bandmembers get ready for the USA/Japan leg of their tour, and Freddie Mercury’s personal effects are auctioned in London, we present the Definitive 172-page guide to… Queen!


It should go without saying that this is the only place to find our usual top-quality blend of classic interviews and in-depth new reviews. In the former, Freddie is on form throughout (“Darling, I’m too good…”), confronting a music press which is often rude, occasionally bordering on hostile about what he and the band does – even as the public adore it. In the latter, Uncut’s squadron of foot-stomping rockers get stuck into exactly what it is that makes Queen Queen.

In this 172-page definitive edition, however, you’ll find the magazine going all out, piling on the quality like Queen stacking harmonies. Mama mia! Yes, that really is a collectable lenticular cover. The best 30 Queen songs? Bismillah! Here you’ll find Roger Taylor, Brian May and Adam Lambert picking their favourites, from big hits to fan favourites – and giving the lowdown on how they were made and why they still play them now. It’s a great read but I’m afraid that, no, they can’t tell you what “Bicycle Race” is all about.

But don’t stop us now. Before you can even think “huge pink tricycle”, we can direct you to our entertaining new interview with Adam Lambert, who tells us about his journey from American Idol to fronting the band, and guides us through the preparation and responsibility of bringing Queen + Adam Lambert to the stage in 2023. Motorcycles. Heated debates. And no milk! It’s all here. Brian May also drops in again for a word about his part in the performance and the presentation: “At one point I appear to be on top of an asteroid…”


If there’s one thing Queen know about, it’s a big finish. And the same is true with us: the publication’s not over until the exclusive eight-page chronology unfolds. Here we present the Six Ages Of Queen, from early days to afterlife, via the “Red Special”, the Bohemian Rhapsody video, the “Under Pressure” sessions, Live Aid and more…

No! You will not let it go. Pre-order your exclusive lenticular edition here: