Visionary Artist Roskamala Delivers A Message Of Hope With Truth She Told

Boundary-pushing singer, songwriter, and actor, Roskamala, has astounded audiences once again with her latest EP, Truth She Told. Not only does her music captivate listeners, but her self-produced and directed videos go beyond the conventional expectations of creativity and offer viewers a truly unique experience. 

Drawing from her background in singing, acting, and music, Roskamala employs a process that involves closing her eyes and immersing herself in her imagination. By shutting down certain senses, she is able to tap into unseen dimensions, envisioning every detail from characters to locations, colors, and emotions. It’s a process similar to meditation, allowing the artist to manifest her visions and translate them into reality. 

The songs on the EP, such as “Out Of The Maze” and “Kiss Me Amnesia” delve into touching and relatable themes. “Beautiful Disease” explores the dark side of toxic relationships, while “Loving Mess,” tackles the complexities of love and human imperfections. “Chameleon” expands upon the idea of constantly adapting and changing oneself to fit societal expectations. Through her deeply personal storytelling, Roskamala connects with her audience on a profound level, sharing experiences that resonate with their own lives. 

Collaboration plays a vital role in the EP, with Roskamala enlisting the talents of MISBONO, Ivy Marie, Lia Apa, Greenwich, and Courtney Knott. Each featured artist contributes to the project by lending their unique voices and perspectives, enhancing the storytelling aspect of the record. The singer’s ability to convey scenarios and evoke emotions enables her to create a cohesive and powerful body of work. 

Looking ahead, Roskamala is determined to continue exploring vulnerability and delivering messages of hope through her music. Her upcoming EP,  Lies She Told, promises to be another introspective journey, urging listeners to embrace their imperfections and strive for personal growth. With a strong focus on kindness and self-acceptance, she aims to make a lasting impact on the world through her inspiring songs.

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