Wargasm: “Our first dream collaboration was with Fred Durst – our second is on the way”

Wargasm spoke to NME at Download 2024, and revealed that they have a new collab on the way which will see them launch a new era.

The electronic metal duo – comprised of Sam Matlock and Milkie Way – caught up with us at the Donington Park festival, shortly after delivering an explosive set and joining Enter Shikari on the Apex stage. They first made their way onto the main stage back in 2021 when they took on the post-COVID Pilot edition, and have since gone on to reach new heights.

“It feels like home,” Matlock said of their return. “Download is like a homecoming for us because we’re like a lockdown artist. When that all ended and we came back, this was one of our first shows, and that’s when we became the kind of Wargasm we are now.”

“We were given the big boy stage at the Pilot because they took a chance on us. Then from there we were on the big boy stage the year after, allowed to do a DJing thing last year, and now we’re back on the big boy,” he added, while Milkie Way explained that the experiences meant that the festival “always a part of our lives whether we’re playing or not”.


In the time since their first main stage appearance, the duo have gone on to hit some impressive milestones – including hitting the road with Limp Bizkit, collaborating with the band’s frontman Fred Durst on ‘Bang Ya Head’, and joining Poppy on her recent UK tour.

“I think Poppy’s absolutely brilliant,” Matlock said of their experience. “What she’s blending is exciting and fresh and what we need more of. I love classic metal and classical alternative music, but it’s also nice when you’re pushing the boundaries of something — when you’re playing with ideas as opposed to just regurgitating something that’s already existed.”

Milkie Way and Sam Matlock of Wargasm perform live
Milkie Way and Sam Matlock of Wargasm perform live. CREDIT: Katja Ogrin/Redferns/Getty


As for their growing relationship with ‘00s nu-metal icons Limp Bizkit, Milkie Way went on to praise the time together as one of the highlights of their career.

“It was amazing working with Limp Bizkit. Their team is one of the best we’ve ever toured with, and all the guys are friendly, outstanding, and charming, so it was just as good as everyone thought it would be,” she said. “And Fred always said ‘If you need anything or if you need to know anything, come to me’, which was great. He also gave us some advice about labels that was very apt.”

“I mean it is motherfucking Limp Bizkit! And now we’re inseparable… and by that I mean they can’t get away from us,” Matlock joked. “You’d be surprised though at the connections that form between musicians, because we all go through similar things in life.

“Whether that be the horrific drives or how impossible it is to hold down a relationship or anything like that – we can all relate. We also have the same highs too, like when you get that massive adrenaline rush from the crowd. So we had a lot to bond over with them.”


Their collaboration with Durst arrived as part of the band’s debut album, ‘Venom’, which arrived last year and was described by NME as “a total riot” – as was made manifest on stage at Download.

“We finally got to play some new fucking songs,” Milkie Way said, reflecting on their set. “It was outrageous because the crowd knew them. They knew what to do,” Matlock continued. “I feel like we’re understanding what Wargasm should be a little bit more now from that.”

That desire for growth is something that the band have held onto throughout their career, and looking forward, they promised that new material is very close to being released – as is a new evolution of their sound.

“I think it’s going to look different going forward, it’s time for it all to change and evolve. We need to bring more war, and more gasm,” Matlock explained when asked about new material. “Come back next month and you’ll understand how. There’ll be new music – or at least I think it’ll be out then…”

When pushed for more details on the new music, he replied: “We’ve featured on a lot of other artists’ tunes this year, and it made us realise that we really want another artist to be the one featuring on our tunes. So far we’ve only had that once, but it was Fred Durst to be fair. So come back next month and you see – our first dream collaboration was with Fred, and the second is on the way.”

While the duo have toured with some of the biggest names in metal since forming in 2018, they have always been just as vocal about their support for new talent along the way.

Following their set, they shared their appreciation for the shift in this year’s year’s bill – namely for the number of rising artists who were given bigger platforms than in previous years.

“It’s good to see all the newer artists finally starting to join the older artists on the main stage this time around,” Milkie said, acknowledging a change in the line-up. “Like, this is Enter Shikari’s first time on the big boy main stage, and they’re not even a new artist! They’ve earned that, and they deserve the slot.”

Matlock also recalled how he had seen many of his peers get bigger slots than ever before this time around – sharing his particular fondness for Death By Romy, Scene Queen, Dying Wish and VUKOVI. “I think it comes in waves, and right now we’re in a wave of a lot of exciting new UK artists. It’s so awesome to see because I love it when the UK represents.”

An official release date for Wargasm’s forthcoming material has yet to be announced. Later this year, the band will be joining KoRn for two UK shows. Visit here to buy tickets.