Watch a baby crowdsurf during a Flo Rida performance

Flo Rida was handed a baby during a recent performance by way of crowdsurfing – watch the moment below.

While performing at the Celebrate Erie festival in Pennsylvania on August 19, a baby was crowdsurfed to the ‘Low’ rapper, who was performing in the middle of the crowd. He signalled to bring the baby over to him, before carrying the baby and kissing their forehead mid-performance.

Watch the moment below.


In the clip above, Flo Rida – real name Tramar Lacel Dillard – can also be seen putting his microphone to the baby’s mouth before laughing it off. Later on in the concert, Flo Rida returned to the stage with the baby, who was lifted in the air by a member of his posse onstage.

In the comments below the clip on Twitter/X, some users questioned why a baby was even at the festival in the first place, while others pointed out that protective equipment should have been used on the baby to prevent damage to their hearing.

Earlier this year, Flo Rida was awarded a payout of $82.6million (£67million) after he had successfully sued the Celsius energy drinks company for violating an endorsement deal. Celsius Holdings was found by a Florida jury to have breached the terms of its contract with the rapper.

Flo Rida served as a brand ambassador for Celsius between 2014 and 2018, and the lawsuit alleged that a vaguely worded contract prevented him from being adequately paid for his contribution in furthering Celsius’ brand awareness and business success.