Watch Coldplay’s acoustic cover of ‘The Astronaut’ by BTS’ Jin

Coldplay recently performed a cover of ‘The Astronaut’ by Jin of K-pop boyband BTS during their Tokyo concert on November 6.

The new acoustic cover is the first time Coldplay have performed the song without Jin on their ongoing ‘Music of the Spheres’ world tour, which kicked off in March.

“We’re going to play a song that we gave to Jin. We’ve never played this before on our own, maybe we’ll never play this again,” teased Coldplay frontman Chris Martin.


“This is Jin’s song. This is called ‘The Astronaut’. And we send this with love to everybody in any situation anywhere,” he added. “This is particularly for Jin and the BTS boys.”

Watch Coldplay perform ‘The Astronaut’ below:

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Coldplay and BTS’ Jin performed ‘The Astronaut’ live for the first time in October 2022, during the Buenos Aires, Argentina stop of the British band’s tour. That performance came a day after Jin released the song.

‘The Astronaut’ was co-written by both Jin and Coldplay, alongside co-producer Norwegian DJ Kygo. The song marked the second collaboration between BTS and Coldplay, following their chart-topping single ‘My Universe’.

Coldplay has performed ‘The Astronaut’ live one other time, during their appearance on a February 2023 episode of Saturday Night Live. They had also played a mash-up of ‘Human Heart’ and Fix You’ during that guest appearance.


Meanwhile, Coldplay are reportedly set to headline Glastonbury Festival next summer alongside Dua Lipa and Madonna. However, no performers for the 2024 festival have been officially announced as yet.