Watch Dave Mustaine kick security guards out of Megadeth gig: “I hate bullies”

Megadeth‘s Dave Mustaine kicked several security guards out of the band’s gig in Illinois earlier this week for harassing a fan.

Mustaine had to directly address the security guards towards the end of the band’s set, as they were playing ‘Symphony Of Destruction’. He even went as far to stop the song, shouting at security: “Dudes, don’t be fucking hitting people. That is totally uncool. Hey, fuckin’ stop hitting that guy.”

Mustaine then ran over to where the incident was taking place to more directly scold the security guards and said he would refuse to play any further until the guards had been ejected.


“I’m not gonna play anymore until those guys are escorted out of the building, so just hang on a second. That was so fuckin’ unnecessary. That was so fuckin’ unnecessary, you guys,” he said.

“… What’s on the back of your shirt? ‘Safety?’ It should say, ‘No Fuckin Safety,’ because you guys are punks, and you shouldn’t have fuckin’ hit that guy. Four of you on one guy. What a bunch of pussies… Get ’em out of here or I’m leaving. I don’t wanna fucking hear that they’re in the back. I want them out of here.”

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After the security guards were escorted out of the venue, Mustaine continued: “These motherfuckers wrecked my song. Sorry, that stuff just makes me so mad. I hate bullies. I fucking hate bullies.”

Megadeth then resumed, finishing the set with ‘Holy Wars.. The Punishment Due’.

Last month, Mustaine revealed he was planning on moving to Italy.


According to Blabbermouth, during the band’s performance at the AMA Music Festival in Vicenza, Italy on Sunday (August 27) the singer told the crowd: “I have something very special I need to tell you guys… A couple of weeks ago I just bought a house in Italy. So think about that – you wake up tomorrow morning and you see me out your window, and I’m walking with my boxes. And you go, ‘Fuck, man, that looks like Dave Mustaine. Look at all those guitars. Shit, that’s gotta be him.’”

He continued: “I’ve gotta tell you, I am so excited to be able to call Italy a new place for us to live. And I wanna thank you all for your graciousness and helping teach me how to be a good resident here and to learn how to live the Italian life.”