Watch entire restaurant sing and clap ‘Wonderwall’ to Noel Gallagher in Ibiza

Footage of an entire restaurant singing and clapping ‘Wonderwall’ to Noel Gallagher in Ibiza has been shared.

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The clip, which you can view below, shows the former Oasis chief having dinner with his family before a DJ drops the famous track.

Staff and diners then start clapping and singing the song to an embarrassed Gallagher, who eventually shows his appreciation with his own clap.


It comes just over six years after Liam Gallagher also joined fans for a 3am rendition of the classic hit while on holiday in Malta.

Meanwhile, Big Brother Recordings recently announced a 25th anniversary reissue of Oasis‘ third album ‘Be Here Now’.

The album is due to be released on August 19 as a silver-coloured double heavyweight LP, plus a double picture disc and cassette, all with remastered audio.

It will be available exclusively from the band’s online store and can be pre-ordered here.

‘Be Here Now’ was originally released in August 1997, following on from the Manchester band’s 1994 debut album ‘Definitely Maybe’ and 1995 second LP ‘(What’s the Story) Morning Glory?’.


Though the album received praise upon release in August 1997, modern reviews have been less kind – with some critics describing it as the moment that “killed Britpop”.

Speaking in a documentary to celebrate the 25th anniversary of ‘(What’s The Story) Morning Glory?’ in 2020, Noel Gallagher reflected on the harsh contemporary evaluations of the record: “I mean it goes to prove that really, journalists, they know fuck all. They had to second guess everything after ‘Morning Glory’, cos they’d got it so wrong.

“That’s why when ‘Be Here Now came’ out, which isn’t a great album, it got 10/10 everywhere, it didn’t get one bad review, because they didn’t want to be made to look like dicks again, and they were, because it’s not half the record ‘Morning Glory’ is.

“After that, they properly hated us after that, cos they didn’t understand us.”