Watch Louis Tomlinson perform coming-of-age anthem ‘Bigger Than Me’ on ‘Corden’

Louis Tomlinson appeared on The Late Late Show With James Corden earlier this week to perform latest single ‘Bigger Than Me’ – check it out below.

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Tomlinson released ‘Bigger Than Me’ earlier this month as the first track from upcoming second album ‘Faith In The Future’, which is out November 11.

Speaking about the track, Tomlinson said: “It was my first moment of excitement making this record, and where it felt we were on to something which honours the live show.”


Check out the performance on The Late Late Show below:

“I’ve always strived to be a very normal, humble person in this life, but there’s a line to that and a responsibility that comes from being in this position,” he added. “I realised from doing those live shows what it means to my fans and how everything I do is bigger than me. It’s almost a coming of age for myself and putting opinions about myself to the back of my mind and thinking about what it potentially means for other people.”

Talking about ‘Faith In The Future’ with Corden, Tomlinson said: “The first album, it’s something I’m immensely proud of but it was challenging coming out of a band the size of One Direction, then finding your feet musically. You do go through a trial and error process when you’re making music, especially at the start of your career but I had to do that in public. This record, I’m certain, defines me better as an artist.”

Speaking to NME backstage at his own Away From Home festival last month, Tomlinson said ‘Faith In The Future’ was inspired by DMAs ‘The Glow’.

“With my first record, I think I’d been a bit close-minded in the sounds that I wanted to produce. There’s a lot of interesting, dance-y elements that they brought into that record with [famed producer] Stuart Price and it just showed me that you can bring in these trendier sounds, but do them in a really authentic way.”