Watch Machine Gun Kelly confront stage crasher at panel event

Machine Gun Kelly seemed ready to defend himself when a fan rushed the stage during a panel event this past Monday (October 10).

During his panel discussion at the Forbes 30 Under 30 event earlier this week, Machine Gun Kelly was surprised but ready when he was alerted to a fan crashing the stage in an attempt to talk to the musician.

In the video below, Machine Gun Kelly can be seen quickly jumping to his feet, clenching his fists in preparation for a possible attack. “My man, get the fuck away from me. Yo, what are you doing? What are you doing? This is a bad look. Don’t make me do this,” Machine Gun Kelly said to the fan.


The fan was swiftly carried offstage by security.

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Following the incident, Machine Gun Kelly appeared apologetic almost immediately, saying that he shouldn’t have reacted the way he did, though it was for his safety: “I’m sorry, I try to live the dichotomy more on this side than the other side. I left that other guy in the past, I’m really sorry. I do apologise for my primal reaction.”

He then shared some advice to fans or anyone who are eager to approach creatives or talents in hopes of presenting their ideas: “Pick a good time and a place. This was a bad time and a place. When I’m eating food and noodles are in my mouth, that’s a bad time. When I’m with my daughter at a volleyball game or I’m being a father, that’s a bad time. I think a lot of that is misunderstood, like these are moments that are owed.”

Back in May, Machine Gun Kelly released a new single called ‘Pressure’, marking a return to his rap sound. He gave the track its live debut last month at London’s Royal Albert Hall, where he was also joined onstage by Halsey and James Arthur.

Machine Gun Kelly has spent most of 2023 touring in support of his latest album, 2022’s ‘Mainstream Sellout’. That album scored a four-star review from Ali Shutler, who wrote for NME: “‘Mainstream Sellout’ is driven by a relatable sense of angst and its outsider anthems will continue to speak to the millions who see Machine Gun Kelly as the saviour of punk rock.”