Watch Måneskin cover Oasis’ ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ as they end ‘Rush!’ tour in Manchester

Måneskin have commemorated the end of their ‘Rush!’ tour in Manchester, by paying tribute to Oasis with a cover of ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’.

At the show, frontman Damiano David and guitarist Thomas Raggi took to the b-stage, armed with an acoustic guitar, as David spoke about his love for the musicians the city has produced. “This fucking city gave birth to a lot of very, very good artists,” he said, to a roar of applause. “But there’s one in particular which is pretty nice. We’re sure that if one day [they] see this cover, they’re gonna think it’s fucking trash.”

Raggi then began playing the opening chords of the song, as the crowd erupted with cheers. As they played the song’s chorus, the audience can be seen holding up their phone lights as they enthusiastically sang along.


Watch Måneskin’s cover of Oasis’ ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ in Manchester below:

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Måneskin’s show at Manchester’s AO Arena marks the final date of the band’s world tour in support of their third full-length album, ‘Rush!’. The Italian quartet played a total of 30 dates, which saw them perform in five continents, beginning in Hanover, Germany in September, through North American cities including New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, South American countries including Brazil and Argentina, Australia, and Asia, before concluding in Manchester.

‘Rush!’ received three stars from NME, with Thomas Smith hailing it as proof of the band’s tenacity and talent. “‘RUSH!’, the band’s third album, is a snapshot of how they conquered the snobbery and became a ride that everyone, from the do-gooders to the more sinister figures, has wanted a seat on over the past 18 months,” Smith wrote.

“To have navigated such a whirlwind period and arrived here, not just in one piece but thriving, is an astonishing accomplishment.”

Recently, Måneskin won Best Rock Act and Best Italian Act at the MTV EMAs, after being nominated in four categories.


The rock band first gained prominence as the winner of the 2021 Eurovision song contest with ‘Zitti E Buoni’. Their win was later complicated by claims that David had been caught snorting cocaine off a table backstage at the competition, prompting the frontman to take a voluntary drug test, which he passed.

In November last year, the Italian band opened up to NME about their growing success and ‘Rush!’. In that interview, bassist Victoria De Angelis spoke about Radiohead’s influence on their then-unreleased third album, stating: “It’s a new side for our new audience, but we’ve always been playing ballads. That’s always been a big part of our music, so with this one we tried to experiment a bit more with the sound. We listened to a lot of Radiohead where they work a lot with pedals.”