Watch Matthew McConaughey get overjoyed when a WWE legend crashes his interview

Acclaimed actor and lifelong professional wrestling fan Matthew McConaughey was surprised by WWE legend and Hall of Fame wrestler “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan during a recent interview.

During a recent interview on The Bump with WWE, McConaughey spoke of his love for pro wrestling while promoting his new children’s book “Just Because”. During his chat with WWE broadcaster Kayla Braxton, McConaughey revealed that he had a wrestling ring set up at home and that he would spend time performing moves with his songs.

“Hacksaw Jim Duggan was my early favourite, coming out with the 2×4,” he said. As the Hollywood star mentioned Hacksaw Jim Duggan’s weapon of choice, Braxton also showed the iconic weapon and even offered to send it to McConaughey’s house.


Shortly after, Braxton revealed to McConaughey that Duggan would be joining the call, to which McConaughey laughed and beamed. Watch the moment below.

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Duggan reminisced about his early days of wrestling at the Hirsch Coliseum in Shreveport, Alabama. McConaughey chimed in to say that he was once kicked out that exact same venue for spitting on Duggan’s foe Skandor Akbar during a show.

McConaughey giddily asked Duggan how many people he had hit with the 2×4 plank of wood, to which Duggan said he didn’t know as there were too many to count. “The one big one was Andre The Giant, and I hit the giant right between the eyes. He went down like a redwood tree, what a moment in my careers.” “He was a large man and he fell hard,” McConaughey quipped.

To close off his interview, McConaughey said to Braxton: “Let’s do some living while we’re here. However young we were – I’m 53, I just went back there talking to Hacksaw, I was 15 years old again!”

Matthew McConaughey published his first ever picture book last week (September 12), which matches rhyming couplets starting with the titular words “Just Because” to illustrations by Renee Kurilla.


In an interview last week to celebrate the book’s launch, he said of how the book came about: “This book came to me in a dream. It was like a folk-song ditty. I woke up at 2:30 and just went and wrote it down. I thought it was a Bob Dylan ditty, which it kind of is.”