Watch metal singer prank call Donald Trump, pretending to be Clint Eastwood

Slaves On Dope frontman Jason Rockman prank-called Donald Trump while pretending to be Clint Eastwood.

The call took place on Wednesday, September 13 with Rockman and his Énergie radio station co-host Sébastien Trudel, who also fooled Trump into believing he was UFC legend Georges St-Pierre. According to CTV News, American journalists were invited to listen in on the call between the two Canadian radio hosts and the former US President.

“It’s an honour to talk to you again,” Trump told Rockman, who believed he actually was Eastwood. Trump then went on to address how he is the first current or former president in US history to face criminal charges, all while his third presidential bid is underway for 2024.


“I have to be the only guy ever to get indicted and my [polling numbers] are up 25 per cent. That’s never happened. Normally, it’s, ‘Ladies and gentlemen, I’ll be resigning today.’ You know, but it’s fine. I’ve really learned to live with it,” Trump said.

Trudel then took over the phone call as St-Pierre and proposed a fight as a way to help raise money for Trump’s presidential campaign. “Well, that’s very good, Georges. We’ll talk about that,” replied the former president.

After a few minutes, the radio show hosts came clean and revealed that it was all a prank. “Just one last thing, Mr. President. Actually, you’re on the radio now on Énergie. It was a prank call, Mr. President,” Rockman told Trump, with the latter responding: “It sounded a little hokey, but that’s okay. I’ve had that before.”

In an interview with Noovo Info, both hosts were surprised at how quickly they were able to conduct a prank call with a former president.

“Usually, it takes between one and three months to pull off a stunt like this,” Trudel told Noovo Info.


As Blabbermouth reports, the prank only took them two days after Rockman spoke to to someone at the front desk of one of the golf clubs owned by Trump. With much success, the president’s former White House receptionist got back to Rockman to inquire about a time and date to conduct the call.