Watch Olivia Rodrigo surprise kids on their drive to school

Jimmy Kimmel and his wife have brought Olivia Rodrigo along as a special morning time guest as they drove their children to school.

Appearing as a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on October 21, the ‘Drivers License’ singer showed up as a “hitchhiker” while the talk show host was on his way to drop off his children – Billy and Jane – to school. After asking if they were excited to “learn things in school today,” Jane replied, “Not really… I don’t like school.”

While driving, Kimmel announced “Oh, there’s a hitchhiker over there, should we pick her up?,” with Jane covering her mouth and telling her brother that it was Rodrigo in the flesh. Rodrigo hopped in the backseat of the car and asked both kids about their favourite tracks from her discography.


They then began singing along to the pop singer’s song ‘Ballad Of A Home Schooled Girl’, which was Jane’s pick, followed by Billy’s favourite ‘Get Him Back’, to which he declared that if was able to get him back for the singer, he would “punch him in the penis.”

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At the end of the car ride, Rodrigo jokes that she actually never got her drivers license and then joked how the segment was not Carpool Karaoke.

“Hey, thank you for getting up early and giving my kids a real thrill,” Kimmel said later in the show, with Rodrigo responding: “It was so much fun. I hope they had a good time.”
In other Olivia Rodrigo news, the singer recently revealed that she will release all four of her “secret” ‘Guts’ tracks on a single record.

On October 18, she took to social media to share that her upcoming special vinyl for Record Store Day’s Black Friday celebrations will include four “secret tracks” that aren’t available on streaming platforms.

Previously, the singer released four variants of her ‘Guts’ LP, each of which included one “secret” track. The Black Friday variant of the vinyl will for the first time include all four bonus tracks on one record.


Rodrigo’s sophomore album ‘Guts’ scored a glowing five-star review from Sophie Williams, who wrote for NME: “‘Guts’ doesn’t just feel transitional in a musical sense. It marks the end of Rodrigo’s teenage years, a moment that has gravity given that she recently said in a statement that she felt like she grew “10 years” between the ages of 18 and 20.

Williams added: “Here, she offers blunt self-analysis while reflecting on wider cultural ideas of performance and swallowing anger in order to comply with the wants and needs of others. It works as a display of real power, range and versatility – all of which Rodrigo possesses in abundance.”