Watch Ray Parker Jr., Bill Murray, Ernie Hudson, and Jimmy Fallon perform the ‘Ghostbusters’ theme on classroom instruments

Ray Parker Jr., Bill Murray and Ernie Hudson have teamed up to perform the original Ghostbusters theme on Jimmy Fallon – watch their cover below.

In celebration of sequel Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire and its world premiere on Thursday (March 14), the trio joined Jimmy Fallon to perform the franchise’s theme tune. They were accompanied by The Roots, who played the theme on various classroom instruments.

Parker Jr. recorded and sang the iconic song in 1984 for the original film, of which Murray and Hudson starred in its cast. Murray, alongside Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis, formed the original three Ghostbusters.


The movie is set to release in the UK on March 22, 2024. Check out the cover below:

[embedded content]

Along with the return of Bill Murray as Peter Venkman, Frozen Empire is set to feature fellow cast members Aykroyd as Ray Stantz, Ernie Hudson as Winston Zeddemore, and Annie Potts as Janine Melntiz.

However, Sigourney Weaver will not be reprising her role as Dana Barrett in the sequel, telling Collider last year: “No, I mean, I wasn’t asked to be in this Ghostbusters, and I think, you know, a little of us goes a long way.”

It will also feature Finn Wolfhard’s character Trevor, Paul Rudd, and comedian James Acaster.

Frozen Empire will be directed by Gil Kenan, who co-wrote the script with Afterlife director Jason Reitman, whose father directed the original two Ghostbusters movies.


In a four-star review of previous installment AfterlifeNME wrote:  “If you really want to tug at fans’ heartstrings, who ya gonna call? The result is a sequel that feels like an authentic Ghostbusters movie without quite slipping into retread mode. Against the odds, this franchise might be back from the dead.”