Watch Reneé Rapp bring out Kesha on stage for ‘Your Love Is My Drug’

Reneé Rapp has brought out Kesha on stage at her recent show in Brooklyn – watch the footage below.

Rapp is currently touring her album ‘Snow Angel’, which has been described as ‘bold, cathartic pop‘ – the perfect kind of music to bring Kesha out to. The North Carolinian stopped off in New York, where she launched into a rock-inflected cover of Kesha’s 2009 hit ‘Your Love Is My Drug’.

To the delight of the crowd, Kesha appeared midway through the song to sing with Rapp. Watch the joyous moment down below:


full video !!! renee rapp brings kesha out at her brooklyn concert on the snow hard feelings tour to sing your love is my drug 🙂 @reneé @youngexwives @Kesha

♬ original sound – drew 🕴🏻


“Don’t you fucking love this woman?” Kesha asked the crowd once they had stopped performing. Rapp later went on to call Kesha one of her “idols”, saying she was “unapologetically perfect”.

Rapp also penned a touching Instagram post dedicated to the pop singer, telling an anecdote about bonding over her with Rapp’s older cousin. “Having a woman in music to admire who was so daring and exciting made me feel like I could say what the fuck I wanted to say when I wanted to say it,” Rapp revealed. “That meant everything to a 9 year old girl living in the south who would eventually be told countless times that she was too loud, too harsh, a hoe and not lady like. She changed the game for me.”

She then went on to call the experience “the greatest night of my life”, concluding: “You are everything to me. What a fucking honor.”

Kesha responded to her post by replying: “I’m so proud of you bby. Your voice, style, your YOUness.” She further posted on X/Twitter by sharing a photo of the two hugging with the caption, “your love is my drug”.


Kesha last released music in 2022 with ‘Gag Order‘, an album that addressed the aftermath of her legal battle with Dr Luke claiming he sexually assaulted her (which Dr Luke has denied). NME gave the album a three-star rating, saying: “Probing, purging and unflinching personal, ‘Gag Order’ – despite its title – is the embodiment of an artist who has found their voice.”

In May this year, the singer sat down with NME to discuss the process of making her new album. “I was in the mindset of really cleaning the house… I have all these feelings and emotions, all the stuff that I felt nobody really wanted to hear from me, the chick that wrote ‘TiK ToK’. I made my bed, so I should lie in it, right?

“You know what, no, I’m in my 30s, I’m going to live for many, many years, so I don’t want to become a parody of who I once was.”

Meanwhile, Rapp also spoke to NME this year about her experiences writing about her sexuality in a room of straight men: “I felt like I had so much more knowledge than them, even though I was a woman in a studio with three other men,” she said. “They are lovely, by the way – this is no tea, no shade to them. But I felt like I understood everything better than they ever could, because that’s not an experience that they’ve ever had.”