Watch Trent Reznor perform with early members of Nine Inch Nails

Trent Reznor reunited with several early members of Nine Inch Nails for the band’s belated Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction celebration.

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Two years after a virtual ceremony for their initial induction, a live performance took place at Blossom Music Center in Reznor’s hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, on Saturday (September 24).

There, Reznor was joined by Chris Vrenna, Richard Patrick, Danny Lohner, and Charlie Clouser, members in an early Nine Inch Nails line-up.


The group – who haven’t played in Ohio since 2013 – performed six songs from their ‘Pretty Hate Machine’ era; ‘Sin’, ‘Wish’, ‘Gave Up’ and ‘Eraser’. The band also performed a cover of Filter‘s ‘Hey Man Nice Shot’ before closing out the set with their seminal hit, ‘Head Like A Hole’.

Check out fan-shot footage of the show below:

In 2020, Nine Inch Nails were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by Iggy Pop.


During the virtual ceremony, Pop likened listening to the industrial rock outfit as “hearing the truth”. “Listening to Nine Inch Nails’ music — which is so often called “industrial” — I actually hear a lot of funk… on top of that is a focused and relentless process of emotional destruction which paints a portrait of pain, pressure, and dissatisfaction.

“It’s… the sound of industrial and digital ambition.”

Nine Inch Nails’ latest albums, ‘Ghosts VI: Locusts’ and ‘Ghosts V: Together’, were released in March 2020.

In a four-star review of the surprise double offering, NME‘s James McMahon said the albums “eerily captures the mood of a world rocked by crisis”.

“‘Ghosts: V-VI’ is music for daydreams. But it’s only fair and decent for us to let you know that it’s also music for nightmares too.”