Watch Yungblud dance through exhilarating new ‘Tissues’ video

Yungblud has shared the official music video for his latest single ‘Tissues’ – you can watch it below.

Released on Tuesday (August 30), the song sees the Doncaster artist – real name Dominic Harrison – sample The Cure‘s classic track ‘Close To Me’. ‘Tissues’ appears on Yungblud’s self-titled third album, which came out today (September 2).

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In the single’s accompanying visuals, we find Harrison dancing on-stage in a theatre full of party-goers who’ve been frozen in time. He then busts moves in front of a love heart-adorned backdrop that displays the song’s lyrics.


Later, he hands one of the motionless guests a condom and takes a sunflower from the hand of another. After a message reading “Love makes you move” is displayed onscreen, those in attendance finally come alive. Yungblud, meanwhile, unleashes a choreographed routine alongside a group of dancers.

Speaking about the clip, Harrison explained: “This is a new era for Yungblud. I wanted to dance, I wanted to move, and I wanted to really personify in the video what this song means. It’s happiness and it’s euphoria and it’s letting the fuck go.”

You can watch the official ‘Tissues’ video, directed by Charlie Sarsfield, here:

Sarsfield said (via Little Black Book): “I wanted the visual to portray that scary but beautiful moment of falling in love. It’s beautiful because of how special love is, but scary because you become so vulnerable.

“By having everyone in the video static throughout until the release for the last chorus, I wanted to represent that moment of holding your breath before taking the plunge.”

He continued: “The focus of the video is on Yungblud and his captivating performance but we also had to craft a bespoke and intriguing world around him without taking away from that epic performance. You could watch this video several times and notice something different which adds an extra layer of fun.”


Upon the release of his latest single, Yungblud recalled meeting The Cure’s Robert Smith at the NME Awards, and talked about how he later convinced the frontman to clear the ‘Close To Me’ sample.

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“I emailed and was like, ‘Hello Robert Smith of the Cure… ‘Close To Me’ – probably the most iconic British beat of all time. May I use it in the song?’” Harrison said. “And I was like, ‘I don’t know what I’m gonna do if he says no’.”

He continued: “But he got back in a couple days. He types in all caps, Robert. He was like, ‘HELLO DOM, YOU CAN USE IT ALL GOOD HERE, LOVE ROBERT.’ Called my boys up and was like, ‘I’ve sampled ‘Close To Me’ [and] they’ve let me use it.’ It was like a mosh pit – my boys in the North were like, ‘YOOOOOO!’”

In a four-star review, NME described the new ‘Yungblud’ record as Harrison’s “most confident, cohesive album, which sees him fighting hate with understanding and love”, adding: “It’s a battle he knows he can win.”

Meanwhile, Yungblud has announced that he’ll be playing three intimate LA shows in one night next week.