When Stars Align: Leandro Cury’s “Estrela” Dazzles With The Power Of Love

From the pulsating heart of Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, Leandro Cury, the captivating Brazilian artist, delivers a soul-stirring single called “Estrela,” a Portuguese word that translates to “Star.” Just as stars shimmer in the night, this track shines with its touching narrative of love and connection. The musician sings about a time when he walked in the shadows, lonely and disheartened, only to find his beacon of hope in the warmth of a cherished bond. 

The lyrics delve deep into the realms of romantic relationships, reflecting on how they become sanctuaries, even amid life’s storms. Cury’s poetic lines, “Before I met you/ For a long time, I believed I deserved to be alone/ Today, I want to remind you/ That when everything was a storm, I found my shelter in you/ Your energy harmonizing with mine/ Makes me feel so good, makes me feel so good,” beautifully depict the rejuvenation one experiences in the presence of genuine love. 

 Leandro Cury  “Estrela”

When two souls come together, the universe itself seems to echo their harmony. It’s the wind whispering secrets, waves merging seamlessly, and clouds dancing in joyous union. This celestial dance of emotions is perfectly encapsulated when Leandro Cury proclaims how his lover’s joy and energy resonates with his own, lighting up his world, “So good that it makes your star shine within me/ Your joy balancing mine/ Makes me feel so good, makes me feel so good/ Tremendous well-being merging your world with mine.

Drawing inspiration from iconic artists like Legião Urbana, Os Paralamas do Sucesso, Barão Vermelho, and Renato Russo, Cury crafts a song that resonates on a universal scale. With this release, he sends out the message that love is not just about finding someone; it’s about recognizing the light within, revealing a side the audience might’ve never known existed. 

“Estrela” is for every heart seeking its twin flame. It reminds listeners that in the vast expanse of the universe, when stars align, they create a brilliance unmatched, much like the beauty of two souls in love. Charting an ever-rising musical career, Leandro Cury is gearing up for more, especially with the forthcoming EP, Counting Constellations.

Listen to “Estrela” here: