Why was Netflix’s ‘Ragnarok’ cancelled?

Norwegian series Ragnarok has returned for a third and final season on Netflix — but why is the show coming to an end?

A modern-day re-imagination of Norse mythology (and not to be confused with Marvel‘s third Thor film), Ragnarok premiered on the streaming service in 2020.

Set in the small fictional town of Edda in Hordaland, the series follows socially awkward teenager Magne, who confronts the influential Jutlus family following the death of his friend in a freak accident.


Represented as reincarnations of Norse gods and giants, Magne achieves the power of Thor, while his brother, Laurits, assumes the persona of the God of Mischief, Loki. The Jutlus meanwhile, are revealed to be jotunn, mythological beings with elemental powers.

The first season of the show saw Magne and Laurits come to terms with their new powers, while in the second, Magne joined up with a number of individuals who embody other Norse gods, such as Odin, Freyja, and Tyr.

In the third and final season, Magne and his friends will confront the Jutuls and Laurits in one final, epic battle.

Why was Ragnarok cancelled?

Ragnarok season 3. Credit: Netflix

On June 15, 2023, Netflix confirmed that the third season would be the show’s final chapter.

“Everything has led to this,” the streaming platform said in a statement at the time. “As an epic final battle of gods against giants draws near, Magne’s fortitude will face its ultimate trial.”


Netflix gave no indication, however, that the series had actually been cancelled. Rather, it seems that Ragnarok was always destined to end with a third season, with the story having reached a natural conclusion.

An official description of the final season reads: “The protagonist Magne must attempt to fight this enemy, but how do you keep your cool and make the right choices when you’re a teenager in love, suddenly armed with the world’s mightiest weapon, while at the same time having to figure out who you are?

“Magne has to weigh every step on his journey from child to adult. As well as navigate the many relations he has finally managed to forge in the small town. But who is — when it all comes down to it — his friend? And who is his enemy?”