WJSN members Exy and SeolA injured in car accident

WJSN members Exy and SeolA have been injured in a car accident.

In a statement, WJSN’s agency Starship Entertainment reported that both members, along with their manager, had been involved in a car accident earlier today (August 31) while traveling to their scheduled activities for the day. The agency added that they were quickly transported to the nearest emergency room and did not sustain serious injuries from the incident.

“After a thorough examination, both members had no fractures but needed additional treatment and time to rest due to muscle pain and bruises,” Starship Entertainment’s statement reads, as translated by Soompi. “In accordance with the opinions of the medical staff, we will put the artists’ health first and do our best to focus on their stability and recovery in order to prevent any aftereffects.”

The company added that they are set to announce new schedules for members Exy and SeolA, and that their schedules will be adjusted “according to their stability and recovery.”

Earlier this year, WJSN made their return with ‘Last Sequence’, accompanied by a stunning music video for the record’s namesake title track. That record included the group’s winning Queendom 2 single ‘Aura’ and ‘Done’, both of which member Exy helped pen.

‘Last Sequence’ was released over a year after the release of their ninth mini-album ‘Unnatural’ last March. That release was followed by the launch of the girl group’s second subunit, WJSN The Black, which comprised members SeolA, Bona, Exy, and Eunseo.