Wunderkind CALYN Fantasizes About An Impossible Crush In Her New Single “Tricky”

Talented young prodigy CALYN co-wrote the new song “Tricky” with her sister Dyli, which talks about something that all the young girls have gone through at some point in their lives. The singer-songwriter and musician reveals: “I feel like almost every girl I know has been in a similar situation where you know you shouldn’t want this person but you can’t keep your mind off them, that’s really what I wanted to capture with this song.”

The alternative R&B artist put together different genre elements to come up with the unique sounds in “Tricky.” CALYN speaks directly to the heart with her charismatic aura and empathetic lyrics: “All of these emotions gonna take me out/ But I’ll take somethin over nothin/ Just to see that smile/ Going crazy/ Someone save me/ Thinkin of you lately/ So somebody save me/ And I’m thinking lately/ Can somebody save me/ I could be your baby/ Maybe you could save me.”

CALYN’s “Tricky” has stolen people’s love with its immaculate melodic fusions and relatable lyrics. The recently released single joins the list of “Born Tired,” “Kinda Love,” and “Falling,” in accumulating thousands of streams across multiple platforms.

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