XL Syndicate Shares The Truth About Taking The “Long Way”

If you haven’t discovered XL Syndicate yet, what are you waiting for? The two-person act is just stunning with their newest release “Long Way”, a piece on the longer side and of masterful production all-round. “The message for us is more about the journey a person can take through life, the industry, success, etc.,” XL Syndicate said in an interview. “You can take the long way which might be harder, longer and have challenges but you can emerge stronger and still yourself having gone through it or you can take the fast way where things come easier at first but you realize it may not have been the best choice in the long run.”

Joined by a common goal and passion for music production, the two artists came together under the proud name XL Syndicate (XL signifying the duo’s sizable contribution to the world of music and their endless creativity). The group’s organic chemistry remains unmatched in the studio, as they experiment with sounds so massive, and edgy, paving their own lane in the industry and encapsulating their signature futuristic sound. Check out “Long Way” below!