Years & Years on the magic of Kate Bush and playing ‘Night Call’ live at Glastonbury 2022

Years & Years spoke to NME backstage at Glastonbury 2022 and told us his dream collabs, what it’s like to play ‘Night Call’ live for fans, and what message he has for fans during this “difficult” time.

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Olly Alexander talked to us right before performing on the Other Stage on Sunday (June 26). Today’s show marked his third time taking the stage at Worthy Farm, and his first time taking the stage solo as Years & Years.

“It’s the best,” Alexander said when asked about playing new music live to fans after the pandemic. “It’s so good to be back out there because it’s such an exchange. When you have an audience and when you have people watching and listening you exchange something. It’s very precious and I’m just so happy to be doing it.”


Olly also talked about his ideal collaboration. After working with Elton John and Kylie Minogue, he told us his next dream collab would be Rihanna. “I just love Rihanna,” he said. “He wouldn’t want to do a collaboration with her?”

The singer also told us about his appreciation for Kate Bush. “I’ve always loved Kate Bush so much,” he said. “We have [this current] Kate Bush renaissance, the Kate Bush-assance. Just hearing her voice and how magical she is, I think she really brings this essence of magic. People really connect that with her. I just feel like she’s released magic in the world again, and I’m just like ‘thanks, Kate Bush.’

Before heading out, Alexander told us the message he’d like to share with fans who were set to watch his Glastonbury set. “I’m just grateful to be here first of all,” he said. “I’m so lucky I get to do this. I get to express myself when I’m on stage and get to be this version of myself that’s bigger than who I am usually. He’s more flamboyant and more out there but it’s an expression of who I am inside. That’s a part of me and I get to do that on stage.”

Years and Years
(Credit: Andy Ford for NME)

He added: “I hope people that come to the show and come to watch Years & Years, get to get a bit of that for themselves, [to say] ‘I’m going to be myself, I’m going to be freakier!’ That’s what I hope because life is really difficult right now for so many different people and in so many different ways.”


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