Yung Gravy says Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst told him “man don’t get too into drugs”

Yung Gravy has spoken to NME about the advice he received while on tour with Limp Bizkit and what it was like to hang out in the studio with Bad Boy Chiller Crew. Watch our interview with Yung Gravy below.

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Earlier this year, the rapper supported Limp Bizkit on multiple dates of their ‘Still Sucks’ tour, and told NME that being on the road with the nu-metal rockers was “sick.” “The band is really cool and Fred Durst is such a nice guy,” he said. “The whole band is down to earth.”

Gravy also shared the advice Limp Bizkit’s frontman gave him while on tour. “I think any artist gets the same kind of memo from a mentor, but Fred Durst, he was like ‘man don’t get too into drugs’” he said. “That’s what everyone says, and that’s what I’d say to anyone else [because] I’ve had phases before when I was too into drugs and drinking.”


The American rapper, whose career started in Minnesota, also talked about playing in Birmingham, Manchester, and London in March of this year. “It was great we had a really good time in the UK,” Gravy said, before adding that he spent some time during those three stops in the studio with BBCC.

“We had a good time, worked on some music,” he said. “We just did some real roadman activities. They were referring to themselves as roadmen, which I think means you’re kind of sketchy,” he added. “But, I’m not really sure. I took it as, ‘this is tight, I want to be a roadman’, but I don’t know. If that’s offensive I apologise.”

Meanwhile, Dionne Warwick recently said that she’s confused by Yung Gravy’s choice of stage name. The legendary soul singer, took to her Twitter account recently to ask about the rapper’s (real name Matt Hauri) moniker.

“Young Gravy? Like the food??????” she asked her followers. Later, she wrote: “I have just learned that it is ‘Yung’ and not ‘Young’. I am still confused about the gravy. Okay.”