Zoe Ball reveals she has been diagnosed with ADHD

Zoe Ball has revealed that she has been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

The BBC Radio 2 presenter opened up about the condition, which she says leaves her finding it difficult to complete certain tasks, in a new interview.

She told The Mirror: “I make myself laugh sometimes, because if I’m in a small space and I’ve got loads of tasks to do, I can cover so many miles.


“My family, they laugh because they’ll find things of mine in certain places and they’re like, ‘If you follow this, you’ll see what Mum was trying to achieve’.”

Ball added: “I have 18 pairs of glasses and I will still lose all of them… my brain is just all over the goddamn shop.”

Taskmaster’s ‘New Year Treat’ CREDIT: Channel 4

Ball said she particularly felt the effects of ADHD, which can make those with the condition seem restless, have trouble concentrating and may act on impulse, while filming the forthcoming ‘New Year Treat’ episode of Taskmaster, which airs on January 2.

She said: “So a particular task involved a bit of timing, which is maths, which is, again, not a strength, I physically started to melt down. That did hurt my head.”

Alongside London rapper Kojey Radical and Ball, the line-up for the episode will also include Dragon’s Den’s Deborah Meaden, wildlife expert Steve Backshall and comic actor Lenny Rush, known for BBC shows Am I Being Unreasonable? and Dodger.


Earlier this year, Lily Allen also revealed that she had been diagnosed with ADHD.

Allen confirmed her diagnosis in an interview with The Timesrevealing that she had been diagnosed while living in the USA, where she has resided since 2020.

“It sort of runs in my family. And it [the diagnosis] is only because I’m here in America where they take these things slightly more seriously than they do in England,” she explained.

“I went to see someone and they said, ‘Have you ever thought about this?’. And I said, ‘Well, yes I have.’ ”