Zuma Quintero Shares New Details On “Uninvolved” From Recent EP Golden Hour

Multi-talented DJ and producer Zuma Quintero, who last released the single “2 am,” breaks down last summer’s debut EP Golden Hour. The five-track EP includes songs like “Lost At Sea,” “LSD In Palm Springs,” in addition to the collaborative singles  “Dreams,” ft the Hip Hop artist Pofsky and “Uninvolved” with Berlin Brilland. 

In a recent interview, Quintero said this about the record: “This is the first EP after my rebrand and it was nice to finally have the direction I want to go as a producer and DJ. I had a lot of inspiration from producers and genres which is why I wanted to make these tracks my first EP, to showcase myself as a producer and introduce my sound. I really wanted to make something different and unique.”

When describing “Uninvolved,” Zuma reveals: “It’s pretty much as what Berlin says it’s about enjoying life and not wanting to have emotional attachments to anyone. Living life the way you want and just being in your own lane. It was definitely the more energetic track on the EP. It was a fun process creating this track in Dallas.”

Blending his diverse influences that range from Boombox Cartel, The Weeknd, Troyboi to Lana Del Rey, Metro Boomin, and Sade into his music, Zuma Quintero recently announced that he has an album coming up called Dark Paradise. The EP is due in April and will show a different and darker side of the producer.

Listen to the Golden Hour on Spotify: