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Unraveling the Threads of Anastasia Solay’s “Candlelight”

Anastasia Solay, a name synonymous with emotional depth and musical diversity, recently opened up about her latest hit, “Candlelight,” painting a vivid picture of her artistic journey. 

Discussing the music video for “Candlelight,” Solay describes an evocative scene set in an old cafe, where a mysterious figure captures the essence of the song. This setting, along with the nuanced portrayal of each character, was crucial in manifesting the song’s dual themes of memory and self-discovery. 

Solay’s songwriting process is as spontaneous as it is heartfelt. The lyrics of “Candlelight,” borne out of improvisation, are a reflection of her ability to translate raw emotions and memories into soul-stirring melodies. 

Her upcoming album, Heart of a Star, is a celebration of such spontaneous moments. Anastasia cites the track “Start a Fire,” recorded in a single freestyle session, as a prime example of her commitment to authenticity. 

In ‘Heart of a Star,’ Solay‘s sensitivity to global events is palpable. She believes that personal healing contributes to universal well-being, a philosophy that resonates throughout her album. 

Solay’s musical influences range from the classical strains of Tchaikovsky to the soulful power of Aretha Franklin. She points to “Candlelight” as a track where these diverse inspirations coalesce, creating a rich, genre-blending soundscape. 

For Solay, music is a journey of emotional discovery for her audience. She envisions her songs as a source of strength and beauty, intertwining with the narratives of those who listen, fostering moments of deep reflection and connection. 

In both narratives, Anastasia Solay emerges as a musician and a storyteller, weaving her experiences and emotions into songs that resonate with a global audience.

Watch the official music videos for “Candlelight” and “Heart of a Star” below: