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Top 10 New Christian Songs

The melodies of Christian music serve as guiding lights, offering solace and inspiration to weary souls. From the stirring anthems of CeCe Winans to the introspective ballads of Tenielle Neda, each song in this collection embodies the essence of faith and redemption, inviting listeners on a profound journey of spiritual exploration. Join us as we uncover the melodies that resonate with the human spirit, illuminating the enduring love of God and guiding hearts through life’s trials and triumphs.

1. CeCe Winans – “Come Jesus Come”

Cece Winans‘ song “Come Jesus Come” is a poignant appeal for divine intervention and spiritual salvation. The lyrics reflect a deep yearning for Jesus to return and transform the world, addressing personal and collective struggles. Rooted in the Christian anticipation of the Second Coming, the song calls for healing, justice, and the fulfillment of a promise of a world free from suffering. Personal lines such as “Sometimes I fall to my knees and pray” convey a sense of desperation and a need for divine strength, making the song relatable to those seeking comfort in hardship. The repeated plea “Come Jesus come” emphasizes the urgent desire for a divine presence in a troubled world, highlighting a universal longing for peace and redemption.

2. Ellie Holcomb – “All Of My Days”

Award-winning songwriter Ellie Holcomb has unveiled her new project, “All of My Days,” a Psalms-based album created to provide comfort during challenging times. This collection evolved from her “Memory Mondays” series on social media, where she paired scripture with melodies. Holcomb collaborated with her father, producer Brown Bannister, and musician Jac Thompson to craft seven songs inspired by her favorite Psalms. She aims to capture the raw authenticity and emotional depth found in these scriptures. Alongside the album release, Holcomb’s expanded devotional, “Fighting Words: Expanded Limited Edition,” is available, featuring additional devotionals and new artistic elements. Holcomb will celebrate the release with a performance at the Grand Ole Opry. For more information, visit

3. Sean Curran – “Led Me To You”

Sean Curran, known for his work with Bellarive and Passion, has released a new single, “Led Me To You.” This song diverges from his typical worship style, leaning more towards CCM pop, which might surprise his fans who appreciate his deeply honest and vulnerable worship music. Despite the song’s somewhat generic feel, Curran’s powerful and emotive vocals continue to stand out. Lyrically, “Led Me To You” reflects on life’s trials and how they lead to finding Jesus, though some may find the repetition and writing less impactful than his previous work. Nonetheless, Curran remains a notable artist in the worship music scene, and his future projects are highly anticipated.

4. Martin Smith – “Garment Of Praise”

Martin Smith, the influential former frontman of Delirious?, has unveiled his latest song, “Garment of Praise,” co-written with Brooke Ligertwood. Drawing inspiration from Isaiah 61, the song speaks of an intangible “garment of praise” that replaces despair with joy and salvation. Smith emphasizes the unique, priceless nature of this heavenly gift, which cannot be bought but is essential for daily spiritual renewal. Reflecting on his personal vulnerabilities and the continuous need for divine help, Smith’s new release underscores his enduring impact on modern worship music and his dedication to conveying messages of faith and hope.

5. Tasha Cobbs – “Leonard Do It Anyway”

Tasha Cobbs Leonard, Grammy Award-winning gospel artist, shares her journey of resilience and faith in her book “Do It Anyway,” with a foreword by Sarah Jakes Roberts. In this inspiring guide, Leonard reveals how embracing challenges and committing to God’s plans, even when they seem impossible, has led to her greatest breakthroughs. Through personal stories of pursuing dreams, adoption, and overcoming hardships like infertility and depression, she provides practical advice for maintaining faith and resilience. Leonard encourages readers to dream big, trust God’s guidance, remember His faithfulness, and not let fear deter them from their miracles, offering a powerful message of hope and perseverance.

6. Alexander Pappas – “A Great Awakening”

Esteemed worship leader and songwriter Alexander Pappas has unveiled his first new song in over a year and a half, titled “A Great Awakening.” This marks his debut solo worship track following his time with Young & Free and Hillsong. The song, which can be streamed and viewed with its official lyric video, is described by Pappas as evoking powerful connections to historic spiritual revivals like Azusa Street and the Jesus People Movement. Pappas, a two-time GRAMMY® nominee known for writing anthems such as “Alive” and “Echo” (Elevation Worship), aims for the song to inspire a deep longing for a new move of God.

7. Peg Luke – “Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep”

Peg Luke, the Grammy and Emmy nominated artist celebrated for her enchanting flute melodies, unveils her latest musical offering with the release of “Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep.” This deeply emotive single reflects Peg’s personal journey and unwavering commitment to her faith, offering listeners a transcendent experience of spirituality and introspection. With its heartfelt lyrics and captivating melodies, the song showcases Peg’s exceptional talent and profound connection with her audience. As she continues to captivate hearts around the globe, “Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep” stands as proof of Peg’s enduring ability to uplift and inspire through her music.

8. Jeremy Rosado – “Nothing”

Jeremy Rosado, a kingdom-based contemporary Christian music minister and gifted songwriter, delivers a heavenly sound titled “Nothing,” marking a divine offering that resonates with believers. Emphasizing the importance of advancing the kingdom of God through spiritual music, Rosado’s song serves as a powerful tool for uplifting souls and warding off negative influences. With its captivating melody and profound message, “Nothing” encourages listeners to prioritize their faith and share their spiritual experiences with others.

9. Rebecca St. James & for KING + COUNTRY – “You Make Everything Beautiful”

Multi-Platinum and four-time GRAMMY Award-winning duo for KING + COUNTRY, comprising brothers Joel and Luke Smallbone, have unveiled their latest project, “The Inspired By Soundtrack” album, in conjunction with their new family biopic film “UNSUNG HERO,” which hit theaters nationwide via LIONSGATE/ for KING + COUNTRY ENTERTAINMENT. Among the tracks featured on the album is “You Make Everything Beautiful,” for which the official music video is now available. This captivating visual piece features their sister, Rebecca St. James, adding another layer of depth to the poignant melody.

10. Tenielle Neda – “Yet Not I but Through Christ in Me”

Tenielle Neda‘s “Yet Not I but Through Christ in Me” is a profound testament to the unyielding grace and mercy found in Jesus Christ. With each verse, the lyrics beautifully articulate the believer’s reliance on Christ for joy, righteousness, and freedom. Through moments of weakness and rejoicing, the refrain resounds with unwavering hope, affirming that it is through Christ alone that victory is secured. The song’s emotive melody and stirring refrain echo the believer’s journey from darkness to light, from fear to freedom, culminating in a resounding declaration of faith and gratitude.