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The Steel Crows: Reshaping Classic Rock with a Modern Edge

Orlando, Florida, has birthed a new force in the rock scene, and they go by the name of The Steel Crows. A band that thrives on infusing classic rock with a contemporary twist, The Steel Crows are set to unleash their debut album, aptly titled The Steel Crows, on January 12th. This eight-track masterpiece not only pays homage to the timeless sounds of the 1970s and 1980s but also positions the band as pioneers of a new wave of rock enthusiasts.

The journey of The Steel Crows began in Naples, Florida, where lead vocalist and guitarist Henry Minor kindled his passion for classic rock. At the tender age of 16, he took the initiative to form a band, and the flame kept burning brighter. However, it wasn't until the band's relocation to Orlando in August 2022 that things truly began to take flight. From the humble beginnings of local dive bars to their first out-of-state show, The Steel Crows have rapidly cultivated a following of over 22,000 fans across various platforms.

Drawing inspiration from rock legends such as Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, and Guns N' Roses, The Steel Crows have crafted a sound that pulsates with driving rhythms and captivating guitar riffs. Their lead single, "Jenny," serves as a pivotal moment in their career, capturing attention and adoration. Tracks like "Isolation" and "The Place Where No One Can Hear You Scream" further showcase the band's ability to traverse a broad emotional spectrum.

The latest album promises to be a diverse musical journey, featuring tracks that explore psychedelia, hair metal, and honky-tonk. It's a testament to The Steel Crows' evolving sound and their potential to push the boundaries of the classic rock genre.

Beyond their musical prowess, The Steel Crows bring a visual dynamism to their performances. Renowned for their flamboyant fashion choices, including bell bottoms, colorful dress shirts, and Chelsea boots, the band ensures that each show is a unique spectacle. It's not just about the music; it's about the entire experience.

Henry Minor encapsulates the band's ethos succinctly, stating, "We use music to express our views on various issues and to tell our stories. Our goal is to connect with the right audience, hoping they appreciate not only the music but also the messages we aim to convey."

The Steel Crows are not merely reviving classic rock; they are injecting it with a newfound energy and relevance. Their journey from Naples to Orlando is a testament to their dedication, talent, and the transformative power of music. As they gear up to release their debut album, The Steel Crows, on January 12th, get ready to witness the emergence of a new dawn in classic rock. The Steel Crows are here to reshape the genre and leave an indelible mark on the world of rock music.
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Wet Leg lead new additions to SXSW 2022 line-up

SXSW Festival has announced another wave of acts for its 2022 edition.

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The annual music, film and media event is set to return to Austin, Texas between March 14-20 after its 2020 and 2021 festivals were cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Yesterday (January 26) it was announced that Wet Leg will take to the stage at SXSW ’22 ahead of releasing their anticipated, self-titled debut album on April 8.


Other additions to the bill include Big Joanie, Pom Pom Squad, Pillow Queens, Balming Tiger, Cassandra Jenkins, La Doña, Mélat and many more. You can find the full list of new names below and further information here.

“Delighted to announce that we’ll be at this year’s @sxsw in Austin, TX playing songs breaking America,” Pillow Queens tweeted. “Come hang out. We’ll be announcing individual gigs closer to the time. Tell yer cool music pals.”

The likes of Yard Act, Horsegirl, Poppy Ajudha, Priya Ragu, Ezra Furman, Wargasm, Walt Disco, Maxo Kream, Aeon Station, Duma and more were previously announced for this year’s SXSW.

Upon confirming the initial wave of bands last October, Head of SXSW Music Festival James Minor promised that this year would deliver “a diverse line-up full of adventurous talent that’s ripe for discovery”.

“We’re looking forward to bringing the music world back together next March to see where we’re headed,” he added.


Meanwhile, Wet Leg recently shared a live cover of Madonna’s classic single ‘Material Girl’. It came as part of a live session for Canadian radio station SiriusXMU.

The full list of new names for SXSW Festival 2022 is as follows:

Adam Kraft (San Francisco CA)
Adrian Daniel (Brooklyn NY)
AKEEM Music (Porto Alegre BRAZIL)
Albi X (Cologne GERMANY)
alexalone (Austin TX)
Alisa Amador (Cambridge MA)
Amra (Ulaanbaatar MONGOLIA)
Andrew Sa (Chicago IL)
Andy Jenkins (Richmond VA)
Angel Cintron (San Antonio TX)
Annie DiRusso (Croton On Hudson NY)
Annika Bennett (Los Angeles CA)
Argonaut & Wasp (New York NY)
Atlas Maior (Austin TX)
BabiBoi (Austin TX)
Baby Kahlo (Baltimore MD)
Bairi (Hershey PA)
Balming Tiger (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
Band of Bastards (Austin TX)
Barrie (Brookyln NY)
Beatnik Bandits (Austin TX)
BeBe Deluxe (Jacksonville FL)
Begonia (Winnipeg CANADA)
Belen Cuturi (Montevideo URUGUAY)
Ber (Bemidji MN)
Best Move (Sacramento CA)
Big Joanie (London UK-ENGLAND)
Big Wy’s Brass Band (Rollingwood TX)
Billy Star (Dallas TX)
Blackwater Brass (Ocean Springs MS)
Blato Zlato (New Orleans LA)
Blvck Hippie (Memphis TN)
bottoms (Brooklyn NY)
Bourgeois Mystics (Austin TX)
Branson Anderson (Logandale UT)
Bridget Rian (Nashville TN)
Buffalo Rose (Pittsburgh PA)
Calliope Musicals (Austin TX)
Cara Hammond (London UK-ENGLAND)
Cartel Madras (Calgary CANADA)
Casii Stephan and the Midnight Sun (Tulsa OK)
CasinoATX (Austin TX)
Cassandra Jenkins (New York NY)
catchtwentytwo (Miami FL)
Caution (Washington DC)
Ceramic Animal (Doylestown PA)
ChihiroYamazaki +ROUTE14band (Kawasaki JAPAN)
Choses Sauvages (Montreal CANADA)
Chris Berardo (Silvermine CT)
Chris Patrick (East Orange NJ)
Christopher Royal King & Nico Rosenberg (Los Angeles CA)
Collapsing Stars (Minneapolis MN)
Coogie (Daejeon SOUTH KOREA)
Corduroy Egg (Los Angeles CA)
Coyle Girelli (New York NY)
Crows (London UK-ENGLAND)
Cymande (London UK-ENGLAND)
Daisha McBride (Nashville TN)
Damien McFly (Padova ITALY)
DANA (Columbus OH)
Dani Larkin (Belfast IRELAND)
Darden Smith (Austin TX)
Darkbird (Austin TX)
David Shabani (Austin TX)
Deau Eyes (Richmond VA)
Debbie Sings (Copenhagen DENMARK)
Density512 (Austin TX)
DeVita (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
DJ Five Venoms (Miami FL)
DJ Hol Up (New Rochelle NY)
DJ QuestionMark (Taipei TAIWAN)
DJ Wegun (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
Dominican Jay (Austin TX)
Dustin Welch (Lockhart TX)
Eamon McGrath (Toronto CANADA)
Eddie Clendening (Las Vegas NV)
EDICA+ (Corpus Christi TX)
Ehsan Matoori / Borderless Band (Dallas TX)
El Dusty (Corpus Christi TX)
Elephant Gym (Kaohsiung TAIWAN)
Elis Paprika (Guadalajara MEXICO)
Eliza Shaddad (Cornwall UK-ENGLAND)
Ella Ella (Austin TX)
Elujay (Oakland CA)
Emmett Mulrooney (Milwaukee WI)
Eyelid Kid (Austin TX)
Fabiola Roudha (Guatemala City GUATEMALA)
Fake Fruit (San Francisco CA)
Fake Gentle (Chengdu CHINA) *
fanclubwallet (Ottawa CANADA)
Faux Real (Paris FRANCE)
Felecia Cruz (Glen Cove NY)
Finn Matthews (Los Angeles CA)
Fly Anakin (Richmond VA)
Flyjack (Austin TX)
FlySiifu (Los Angeles CA)
Forty Feet Tall (Los Angeles CA)
Free Radicals (Houston TX)
Freetown Collective (Belmont TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO)
Fuck Money (Austin TX)
Gabriel Gonti (Sao Paulo BRAZIL)
Ginger Root (Los Angeles CA)
Girl Dick (New York NY)
Goldy (Santa Barbara CA)
GOODING (Nashville TN)
Grant Pavol (Philadelphia PA)
Grey DeLisle (Los Angeles CA)
Half Gringa (Chicago IL)
Hamond (Houston TX)
Hannah Jadagu (Mesquite TX)
Harleighblu (Nottingham UK-ENGLAND)
Henry Hall (Los Angeles CA)
Holy Boy (Los Angeles CA)
House of Lepore (Austin TX)
Housekeys (New York NY)
IAN SWEET (Los Angeles CA)
Icaro del Sol (Santiago CHILE)
Indrajit Banerjee (Austin TX)
Jack Gray (Mackay AUSTRALIA)
Jackie Venson (Austin TX)
Jane Leo (Austin TX)
Jay Wile (San Antonio TX)
Jeffrey Silverstein (Portland OR)
Jemere Morgan (Atlanta GA)
Jimmy October (Sangre Grande TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO)
Jinsang (Los Angeles CA)
John Moods (Berlin GERMANY)
John-Robert (Edinburg VA)
Johnny Aries (of the Drums) (Margate UK-ENGLAND)
Johnny Chops (Austin TX)
Jon Dee Graham (Austin TX)
Josh Savage (Berlin UK-ENGLAND)
Julie Odell (New Orleans LA)
Kaien Cruz (Pietermaritzburg SOUTH AFRICA)
KALI (Los Angeles CA)
Kalpee (Chaguanas TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO)
Kansado (New York NY)
Karen Jonas (Fredericksburg VA)
Kathy McCarty (Austin TX)
Katie Toupin (Louisville KY)
kelz (Westminster CA)
Kevin Daniel (Asheville NC)
Kiltro (Denver CO)
Klein Zage (Hudson NY)
Komorebi (Delhi INDIA)
Kosha Dillz (Brooklyn NY)
La Doña (San Francisco CA)
La Paloma (Madrid SPAIN)
Lachi (New York NY)
Larkins (Manchester UK-ENGLAND)
LAUNDRY DAY (New York City NY)
Leesuho (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
Lesibu Grand (Atlanta GA)
Lex Records (London UK-ENGLAND)
Liah Alonso (San Miguel De Allende MEXICO)
Liam Kazar (Chicago IL)
Lilly Aviana (Houston TX)
Lizzie and The Makers (Brooklyn NY)
Lola Brooke (Brooklyn NY)
Lolita No.18 (Tokyo JAPAN)
Los Nasdrovia (Nogales MEXICO)
Madison McFerrin (Brooklyn NY)
Magi Merlin (Montreal CANADA)
Magna Carda (Austin TX)
Mahealane (Los Angeles CA)
Mass Minor (Austin TX)
May Rio (New York NY)
MC Bravado (Baltimore MD)
Mélat (Austin TX)
Mercy Bell (Nashville TN)
Michael Bernard Fitzgerald (Calgary CANADA)
Miggy & Tje (Austin TX)
Mikey Erg (Old Bridge NJ)
Miki Ratsula (Santa Ana CA)
Miller Campbell (Seattle WA)
Minimal Schlager (Berlin GERMANY)
Minor Moon (Chicago IL)
Miro Shot (London UK-ENGLAND)
Mitch Davis (Montreal CANADA)
Mo Lowda & The Humble (Philadelphia PA)
Mong Tong (Taipei TAIWAN)
Moody Banks (Los Angeles CA)
Moon Kissed (New York NY)
Moonchild Sanelly (Johannesburg SOUTH AFRICA)
Moris Blak (Boston MA)
Morris Mills (Chicago IL)
Motenko (Austin TX)
MR. HE (Brooklyn NY)
Mudd the student (Busan SOUTH KOREA)
musclecars (Brooklyn NY)
Mz Neon (New York NY)
Naima Bock (London UK-ENGLAND)
Nana Grizol (Athens GA)
Nanna.B (Copenhagen DENMARK)
Nari (San Pablo CA)
Nathan Graham (Chicago IL)
Neblinna (Maracaibo VENEZUELA)
Olivia Kaplan (Los Angeles CA)
Olivia Tsao (Tainan TAIWAN)
Omega Sapien (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
Order of the Static Temple (Bozeman MT)
Orestes Gomez (Mexico City MEXICO)
Palmasur (Puebla MEXICO)
Panchiko (Nottingham UK-ENGLAND)
Panic Priest (Chicago IL)
Papazian (Beirut LEBANON)
Park Jiha (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
Pat Byrne (Borris IRELAND)
Paupière (Montréal CANADA)
Peelander-Z (Austin TX)
Pet Deaths (London UK-ENGLAND)
Petty Booka (Tokyo JAPAN)
Pillow Queens (Dublin IRELAND)
Planet Giza (Montreal CANADA)
Pom Pom Squad (Brooklyn NY)
Primo the Alien (Austin TX)
PUNX (Beijing CHINA)
Puta Kahlo (El Paso TX)
QUANNA (Savannah GA)
Queralt Lahoz (Barcelona SPAIN)
RADS Krusaders (Houston TX)
Ragamuffs (Honolulu HI)
Rosie Darling (Canton MA)
Runnner (Los Angeles CA)
S. Raekwon (New York NY)
S.C.A.B. (Ridgewood NY)
S.G. Goodman (Hickman KY)
Sabrina Song (Brooklyn NY)
Sada Baby (Detroit MI)
Sadurn (Philadelphia PA)
Salem Ofax (El Paso TX)
Sam Doores (New Orleans LA)
Sam Johnston (Nashville TN)
San Saba County (Austin TX)
Seratones (Shreveport LA)
Shell of a Shell (Nashville TN)
Shonen Knife (Osaka JAPAN)
Shooks (Austin TX)
Sierra León (Tepic MEXICO)
Sister Ray (Edmonton CANADA)
Sleeping Brain (Taipei TAIWAN)
Sloppy Jane (Los Angeles CA)
Snõõper (Nashville TN)
Sofia Macchi (Buenos Aires ARGENTINA)
sogumm (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
Sorry Youth (Taipei TAIWAN)
Soulfiya (Galveston TX)
Speckled Bird (Florence AL)
Spencer Hoffman (Los Angeles CA)
Spiritual Cramp (San Francisco CA)
SpivOberta (Dobropillia UKRAINE)
Steele FC (New York NY)
Stereo Jane (Los Angeles CA)
Steve Gunn (Brooklyn NY)
Stone Cold Jzzle (New Orleans LA)
Stop the Presses (Brooklyn NY)
Susannah Joffe (Austin TX)
SUSS (New York NY)
Taiga (Chengdu CHINA)
Tami Neilson (Auckland NEW ZEALAND)
Teddy and the Rough Riders (Nashville TN)
Tetractys New Music (Austin TX)
Tettix Hexer (Copenhagen DENMARK)
The Dream Syndicate – The Days of Wine & Roses 40th Anniversary (New York NY)
The Heavy Hours (Cincinnati OH)
The Kernal (Jackson TN)
The LYONZ (Montreal CANADA)
The Slaps (Lexington KY)
The Suffers (Houston TX)
The Velveteins (Edmonton CANADA)
The Western Express (Austin TX)
THEakasha (Jersey City NJ)
Thee Phantom & The Illharmonic Orchestra (Queens Village NY)
Tim Arnold (London UK-ENGLAND)
Tokyo Shoki Syodo (Tokyo JAPAN)
tomppabeats (Helsinki FINLAND)
Ural Thomas and the Pain (Portland OR)
URCHN (Los Angeles CA)
User Unauthorized (Austin TX)
Virgen Maria (Madrid SPAIN)
Voka Gentle (London UK-ENGLAND)
waveform* (Monroe CT)
Wet Leg (Isle Of Wight UK-ENGLAND)
William Harries Graham (Austin TX)
wnjn (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
Wolf Eyes (Pontiac MI)
Woo (우원재) (Gyeongju SOUTH KOREA)
Ximbo (México City MEXICO)
Yung D3mz (Accra GHANA)

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Clairo reschedules UK/European tour due to COVID concerns

Clairo has rescheduled her upcoming UK and European tour due to COVID-related concerns – see the new dates below.

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The singer was set to tour her recently released second album ‘Sling’ across January and February next year, but worries around the rise of the Omicron variant means the shows will now take place in September and October.

“I reeeeally hate to do this- but we have decided to reschedule the upcoming January Europe/UK tour,” Clairo told fans on Instagram while sharing new dates.


She added: “as much as we want to get back on the road, everybody’s safety is far more important & i hope you understand.”

See the new list of rescheduled dates below:

19 – Dublin, Olympia Theatre
20 – Dublin, Olympia Theatre
22 – Paris, Le Bataclan
23 – Brussels, La Madeleine
27 – Amsterdam, Paradiso
28 – Amsterdam, Paradiso
29 – Birmingham, O2 Academy
30 – Bristol, O2 Academy

2 – Glasgow, O2 Academy
3 – Manchester, O2 Academy
4 – London, Brixton Academy

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A post shared by Claire Cottrill (@clairo)

Clairo becomes the latest in a host of artists to cancel shows in the last week due to a global rise in COVID cases.


Yesterday (December 19), LCD Soundsystem cancelled the remainder of their 20-show run at Brooklyn Steel, while Enter Shikari also postponed the rest of their 2021 tour dates and some 2022 shows, saying that “the safety of our crew and our audience will always come first”.

As it stands, Clairo is still set to head out on a 2022 North American tour, which will kick off in February and feature Arlo Parks as support.

For both the US and UK/EU tour, Clairo has partnered with SafeTour and Calling All Crows for her 2022 live dates “to provide a safe and harassment-free concert experience”.

A representative from Calling All Crows will join Clairo’s touring team to respond to requests for support through a text helpline and provide “proactive canvassing of each concert, [as well as] messaging and educational support so that attendees can take part in making these shows and their own communities safer”.