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Enrose ‘s New Single “Tattoo” Offers A Musical Fusion Of Empowerment & Transformation

In a captivating blend of musical styles, Enrose ’s latest single, “Tattoo,” emerges as a testament to self-expression and personal growth. Lead singer Gabi Rose, the creative force behind the band, draws from her unique background as a saxophonist and singer-songwriter to craft a sound that captures both empowerment and vulnerability. 

The inception of Enrose was catalyzed by pivotal moments in Gabi’s creative journey. With a desire to transform her solo demos into a collaborative endeavor, she found inspiration in her connection with Anthony Lopardo, owner/producer at Westfall Recording Co. His belief in her talent provided the encouragement she needed to create the group, an outlet that transcended her individual aspirations and embraced the band model’s potential for growth. 

Tattoo” itself is a fusion of influences, ranging from Pop R&B to Chill Pop. Gabi’s songwriting centers around themes of self-expression, bravery, and love, encapsulating the essence of the human experience. The song’s lyrics artfully parallel the act of getting a tattoo with the pursuit of personal transformation. The artist’s own experiences of stepping out of her comfort zone and embracing new challenges served as the impetus for this metaphor. 

Central to Enrose‘s sonic identity is the saxophone, an instrument that Gabi has masterfully incorporated into the song. Her early exposure to smooth jazz, coupled with her fascination for its cool aesthetic, led her to infuse her tracks with emotional depth and versatility, enhancing the overall musical experience. 

Gabi Rose, along with Jake Navarro and Kit Benz, co-wrote the song, drawing from shared experiences and passions. Their journey to find the perfect sonic expression led them to an alternative pop sound, a fusion of their musical influences. This collaborative effort extended to the production phase, with Anthony Lopardo and Ray Marte contributing to the track’s finalization. 

In “Tattoo,” Enrose doesn’t just deliver a catchy tune; it provides a canvas for empowerment, transformation, and a celebration of the artistic spirit. Gabi Rose’s journey from a young saxophonist to a leading force in the music industry showcases boundless possibilities of embracing one’s true self and defying expectations.

Listen to “Tattoo” here: