‘LEGO Fortnite’ adds wheely new vehicles

LEGO Fortnite‘s Mechanical Mayhem update is here, and it’s adding three new vehicles: the speeder, offroader, and hauler.

The speeder is described in the press release as perfect for quickly getting from biome to biome. Players can unlock the recipe for it after adding a power cell to their inventory for the first time. This is a small, one-seater vehicle, like a quad bike.

The offroader has four seats and a roof so it’s perfect for ferrying multiple people around. Players can unlock its recipe by adding flexwood to their inventory for the first time. Finally, there’s the hauler, a six-wheeler truck with four seats in the cab up front and a flatbed for transporting at the rear.


Considering LEGO Fortnite‘s day-night cycle and the fact players have to ensure they keep their avatar at a comfortable temperature, travelling long distances can be tricky. So, these vehicles should make it a lot easier to get around and venture far away from base.

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As well as the specific vehicles listed above, players can create their own with vehicle parts. These are found in the toys section of the build menu, and specific parts will be required for creations to be classed as vehicles. These are: engines, wheels, and a driver’s seat.

To actually power these vehicles, players will need to turn resources into biomass in a composter, and then turn that into a power cell. This update is coming with more improvements, such as a smart transfer feature which enables players to move all similar items from storage. You can read all of the changes here.

In other news, an Escape From Tarkov streamer has complained that the game is in a “bad spot” with the developer “asleep at the wheel”, and may frustrated fans seem to agree.