Send us your questions for Thurston Moore!

The first time Thurston Moore ever sang into a microphone, it was to scream back the lyrics of “Oh Bondage! Up Yours!” to Poly Styrene when X-Ray Spex played CBGB in 1978. It was a moment of teenage catharsis that he’s seemed to carry through his whole career, consistently advocating for noisy rock’n’roll and expressive free music of all kinds as the best vessel for transcending workaday existence and sticking it to the man.

After looking back over his storied career in last year’s memoir Sonic Life, Moore is once again facing forward on new solo album Flow Critical Lucidity – although devotees of the dazed guitars and jagged street poetry of Sonic Youth touchstones Sister and Daydream Nation will find plenty to love in this new material.

To celebrate its release in September, Moore has kindly consented to undergo a gentle grilling from you, the Uncut readers. So what do you want to ask the godfather of alternative rock? Send your questions to [email protected] by Monday July 15 and Thurston will answer the best ones in a future issue of Uncut.